Friday, January 15, 2010

Batik, Oh, Batik!

As I have promised, I will be introducing you to our beloved dogs, whether they are still with us or happily yapping in heaven. Let me start with our first baby, Batik. I believe I have talked about him in my earlier post and yeah, he was the dog who bit my mom.

I don't how or where we got him but Batik was is a Filipino dog, also known as an askal. Much like a dalmatian, he is a white dog with black spots (or is it white spots on black?). Either way, I am sure you get the picture.

Again, I do not remember anything much about him apart from an incident which happened when I was supposed to be looking out for him. I just got back from school and someone (can't remember who) asked me to walk Batik out. While outside, I got interested with what my friends were doing and completely forgot about Batik. I didn't what know what the heck he was in in those few minutes until a neighbor came to me raging about Batik. Apparently, Batik bit his daughter who was pulling his tail. Really, Batik, a bad habit of yours, eh? But that's what you get when you pull a dog's tail. A lesson learned for the little lady. Another rabies story.

But he's been dead for years now and every now and then we still talk about him. Though he loves to bite, he was my very first best friend. From him, I have learned how it is to be loyal and true to my loved ones. Traits I know which other people still do not have.

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