Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Mistreating Dogs and Everything Else

I'm sure you've heard of mga walang-awang nilalang who transport dogs in a closed van with rusted tin cans covering their snouts so as to prevent them from biting each other. About 70% of these dogs die from starvation and suffocation before they are even cooked. But I'm stuck there. Just the thought of them being mistreated like that makes me sad...almost teary-eyed. What's wrong with you, People? DOGS ARE NOT FOOD!

Some of you may think they "oh, c'mon, they're just dogs". But they are not JUST dogs for me. They are a part of my family. In my twenty something years in this world, we've had 9 dogs already (that's another blog, I guess.). I get really paranoid when I hear dogs barking and snarling because I'm scared that our dog, Rocky, may be hurt. Rocky is a very CHISMOSONG DOG! Trust me, makarinig lang yun ng nagkakahulang aso sa labas ng bahay lalabas na yun agad. And he's been attacked by a neighbor's dog before for being nosy, and a pitbull, for goodness' sake. But, again, that's another story.

In an underpass in Makati, I remember reading an advertisement that goes something like people who hurt animals are just starting. I'm not sure if it's for PETA or for a human rights org. But I agree. You see, people who see nothing wrong of hurting helpless animals will definitely see nothing wrong of hurting helpless human beings in the future. They'll think of themselves strong when they're hurting others. Develop an immunity ba, like when you take in too much medication for a long time and suddenly it stops working.

Magulo ba? I don't know. Figure it out.

Don't be bullied!

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